how to beat level 95 candy crush  

Candy Crush Saga levels can be challenging, and Level 95 is no exception. The goal of Level 95 is to bring down ingredients to the bottom of the screen. Here are some tips and strategies to help you beat this level:

  1. Understand the Objective: The main objective is to bring down three ingredients to the bottom within a limited number of moves.
  2. Focus on the Ingredients: Prioritize making moves that bring the ingredients closer to the bottom of the board.
  3. Clear the Blockers: Identify and clear any blockers that are in the way of the ingredients, such as meringues or licorice swirls.
  4. Create Special Candies: Try to create special candies (striped, wrapped, or color bombs) to clear multiple blockers or ingredients at once.
  5. Use Vertical Striped Candies: Creating vertical striped candies can help in bringing down ingredients quickly. Combine them with other special candies for a more powerful effect.
  6. Focus on the Columns: Concentrate on creating matches and special candies in the columns where the ingredients are located.
  7. Plan Ahead: Take a moment before making a move to plan your strategy. Consider how each move will affect the ingredients and the overall board.
  8. Reset the Board: If you’re not getting good matches or opportunities, you can exit the level (without making a move) and re-enter to shuffle the candies and possibly get a better starting board.
  9. Stay Patient: Don’t rush, and remain patient. Keep working on bringing down the ingredients and eventually you’ll find the right combinations.
  10. Use Boosters Wisely: If you have boosters available, use them strategically to help you clear blockers or bring down ingredients.
  11. Watch Tutorial Videos: If you’re still struggling, consider watching tutorial videos on YouTube or reading guides that demonstrate how to beat Level 95.

Remember, each level in Candy Crush Saga requires a mix of strategy, planning, and a bit of luck. With persistence and the right approach, you’ll eventually beat Level 95. Good luck!

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