how to become a certified wig specialist

To become a certified wig specialist, you need to undergo specific training and education related to wigs, hairpieces, and scalp care. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve certification as a wig specialist:

  1. Research and Understand the Role:
    • Gain a clear understanding of what a wig specialist does, the responsibilities involved, and the skills and knowledge required for the job.
  2. Educational Background:
    • Although a specific degree may not be required, having a background in cosmetology, hairstyling, beauty, or a related field can be beneficial.
  3. Gain Basic Cosmetology Knowledge:
    • Acquire a foundational understanding of cosmetology, hair care, scalp health, and hairstyling techniques. This knowledge will provide a solid base for specializing in wigs.
  4. Enroll in Wig Specialist Training Programs:
    • Look for accredited training programs, workshops, or courses that focus on wigs, hairpieces, and related scalp and haircare. These programs often cover various aspects of wig fitting, styling, cutting, cleaning, and customer service.
  5. Complete Wig Specialist Training:
    • Enroll in and successfully complete a certified wig specialist training program. Ensure the program is recognized by relevant industry organizations or associations.
  6. Gain Practical Experience:
    • Seek hands-on experience by working in a salon, wig boutique, or with a wig specialist. Practical experience is crucial for honing your skills and gaining insights into the industry.
  7. Attend Workshops and Seminars:
    • Participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences related to wigs, hair loss, and scalp care. These events provide updated information and foster networking opportunities within the industry.
  8. Build a Portfolio:
    • Document your work, including wig fittings, styling, and transformations. Develop a portfolio showcasing your skills and versatility in working with wigs.
  9. Seek Certification:
    • Look for organizations that offer certification for wig specialists. The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) is one such organization that offers certification for wig specialists.
  10. Apply for Certification Exam:
    • Apply for the certification exam with the chosen organization. Ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements for taking the exam.
  11. Prepare for the Certification Exam:
    • Study and review the exam materials, guidelines, and practice tests provided by the certifying organization. Focus on enhancing your knowledge and understanding of wig specialization.
  12. Pass the Certification Exam:
    • Take and successfully pass the certification exam to become a certified wig specialist.
  13. Maintain Certification:
    • Fulfill any ongoing education or renewal requirements to maintain your certification. Stay updated with advancements and changes in the industry.

Becoming a certified wig specialist involves a combination of education, training, hands-on experience, and certification. Continuously improve your skills and knowledge to provide exceptional services to clients seeking assistance with wigs and hairpieces.

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