how to break in new vans  

Breaking in new Vans shoes, like any footwear, is essential to ensure they fit comfortably and mold to your feet. Vans shoes often have a canvas or suede upper and rubber sole, so the process of breaking them in involves softening these materials. Here are steps to help you break in new Vans shoes:

  1. Wear Them Around the House:
    • Start by wearing your new Vans shoes around your home for short periods. This allows your feet to adjust to the shoes and the shoes to mold to your feet gradually.
  2. Use Thick Socks:
    • Wear thick or double socks to add extra padding and fill any space inside the shoes. This can help stretch the material and speed up the breaking-in process.
  3. Apply Heat:
    • Use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to warm the shoes gently. Put on thick socks, then wear the warm Vans for about 10-15 minutes. The heat will help the shoes expand and conform to your feet.
  4. Walk in Them:
    • Take short walks in your new Vans shoes, gradually increasing the duration. This will help the shoes adjust to your movement and help your feet adapt to the shoe’s shape.
  5. Focus on Problem Areas:
    • If you feel discomfort or pressure in specific areas, like the heel or toe, gently stretch those areas by flexing your feet or using your hands to press and mold the material.
  6. Use a Shoe Stretcher:
    • Consider using a shoe stretcher to help widen or lengthen the shoes, especially if they are too tight in certain areas.
  7. Condition the Material:
    • For leather or suede Vans, apply a shoe conditioner or leather balm to soften the material. Follow the product instructions for best results.
  8. Wet and Wear Method (for Canvas Shoes):
    • Dampen your Vans with water (not soaking wet) and then wear them. The dampness will soften the canvas and make it more pliable. Walk in them until they dry completely.
  9. Be Patient:
    • Breaking in shoes takes time, so be patient and give your feet and the shoes ample time to adjust and mold to each other.
  10. Rotate Shoes:
    • If possible, rotate between your new Vans and other shoes. This gives your feet a break and allows the Vans to adjust more gradually.
  11. Consult a Professional:
    • If you’re having persistent issues with the fit, consider consulting a professional shoe cobbler who may offer stretching services for a more precise fit.

Remember, your comfort is key, so listen to your feet and adjust the breaking-in process accordingly. Don’t force the shoes if they cause persistent pain or discomfort.

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