how to break in ultra viper bags  

“Breaking in” Ultra Viper bags, or any boxing or martial arts training bags, typically refers to the process of softening the material and making it more pliable for better striking. Here’s a guide on how to break in Ultra Viper bags:

  1. Check the Bag’s Manual:
    • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or manual that comes with the Ultra Viper bag for specific recommendations on breaking in the bag.
  2. Inspect the Bag:
    • Ensure the bag is properly hung or mounted according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It should be securely anchored.
  3. Use Your Hands and Elbows:
    • Begin by striking the bag lightly with your hands and elbows to help soften the material. Focus on various areas of the bag to distribute the impact.
  4. Vary the Strikes:
    • Use different striking techniques such as punches, palm strikes, and hammer fists to distribute the force across the bag’s surface.
  5. Apply Pressure:
    • Push and squeeze the bag using your hands and knees to soften the material further. This helps in making the bag more flexible.
  6. Gradually Increase Intensity:
    • As the bag begins to soften, gradually increase the intensity of your strikes. Start with light strikes and progress to harder strikes over time.
  7. Rotate and Move the Bag:
    • Regularly rotate and move the bag to distribute the wear evenly and prevent the bag from becoming lopsided or misshapen.
  8. Hit Different Areas:
    • Strike different areas of the bag, including the top, middle, and bottom, to ensure even softening and wear.
  9. Be Patient:
    • Breaking in a bag takes time. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to soften the bag and make it more pliable.
  10. Use Conditioning Tools:
    • Consider using conditioning tools like mallets or rubber mallets to soften the bag further. Gently hit the bag with the conditioning tools to aid in the breaking-in process.
  11. Regular Use:
    • Simply using the bag regularly for your training sessions will also contribute to breaking it in over time.

Remember, safety is paramount during this process. Always use proper protective gear such as hand wraps, gloves, and ensure your striking techniques are correct to prevent injury. It’s also essential to respect your body’s limits and not overexert yourself during the breaking-in process.

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