how to breed a snowflake dragon in dragonvale

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, DragonVale is a mobile game that allows players to breed and raise dragons. To breed a Snowflake Dragon in DragonVale, you’ll need to follow specific breeding combinations during certain times when the Snowflake Dragon is available.

Here’s a general guide on how to breed a Snowflake Dragon in DragonVale:

  1. Check Availability:
    • Snowflake Dragons are usually available during specific seasonal events or promotions. Check the DragonVale game to see if the Snowflake Dragon is currently available.
  2. Create a Cold Habitat:
    • Ensure you have a suitable habitat for Cold dragons. The Snowflake Dragon belongs to the Cold element, so it needs a Cold habitat.
  3. Select Breeding Dragons:
    • For breeding a Snowflake Dragon, you typically need to use dragons that have the Cold element or related elements. For example, you might use dragons like the Ice Dragon, Snow Dragon, or Blizzard Dragon.
  4. Breeding Combinations:
    • Experiment with different breeding combinations using dragons with the Cold element. Try combinations until you successfully breed a Snowflake Dragon. The specific combinations may vary based on the current game version and events.
  5. Keep Trying:
    • Breeding in DragonVale involves some level of chance. Keep trying different combinations, and you’ll eventually succeed in breeding a Snowflake Dragon.
  6. Use Special Breeding Bonuses:
    • During special events, DragonVale may offer breeding bonuses that increase your chances of breeding specific dragons. Take advantage of these bonuses to improve your odds of breeding a Snowflake Dragon.
  7. Be Patient:
    • Breeding rare dragons like the Snowflake Dragon may take time and several attempts. Be patient and persistent in your breeding efforts.

Remember to refer to the in-game notifications, updates, or community forums for the latest and most accurate information on breeding the Snowflake Dragon in DragonVale. Game mechanics and breeding combinations can change with updates or events.

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