how to build a sapo game  

“Sapo” is a traditional game commonly played in South American countries like Peru and Ecuador. The objective of the game is to throw small metal disks or coins into a hole in a box, earning points based on where the disks land. Here’s a simple guide to build a sapo game:

Materials Needed:

  1. Wooden Box:
    • Choose or build a sturdy wooden box with dimensions appropriate for the game. The box should have a hole at the top for the “sapo” (toad) to throw disks into.
  2. Metal Disks:
    • Acquire small metal disks or coins to throw into the hole in the box. These disks should be heavy enough for the game to be challenging.
  3. Small Statue or Figure (Optional):
    • Obtain a small toad or frog statue, which is often placed on top of the box. This represents the “sapo” in the game.
  4. Scoring Board:
    • Create a scoring board with designated areas to indicate points earned for successful throws.
  5. Screws, Nails, or Glue:
    • Gather the necessary fasteners or adhesive to assemble the box and attach components securely.

Steps to Build:

  1. Prepare the Wooden Box:
    • Build or prepare a wooden box with an open top. The box should be sturdy and of an appropriate size for the game.
  2. Cut a Hole for the Target:
    • Cut a hole at the top of the box, typically in the center, where players will aim to throw the disks.
  3. Attach the Scoring Board:
    • Attach a scoring board to the back or side of the box. Divide the board into sections and assign points to each section based on difficulty.
  4. Place the Toad Statue:
    • Place the small toad or frog statue on top of the box, usually near the hole. This represents the “sapo” in the game.
  5. Mark Throwing Line:
    • Draw or mark a throwing line on the ground a few feet away from the box. Players will stand behind this line when throwing the disks.
  6. Explain the Rules:
    • Clearly explain the rules and point system to the players before starting the game.

How to Play:

  1. Stand Behind the Throwing Line:
    • Players stand behind the throwing line.
  2. Throw the Disks:
    • Each player takes turns throwing the disks or coins into the hole, aiming for the highest-scoring areas.
  3. Calculate Scores:
    • Calculate the scores based on where the disks land and record them on the scoring board.
  4. Determine the Winner:
    • The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Building a sapo game is a great DIY project for outdoor entertainment. Customize the design and scoring system based on your preferences and the available materials.

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