How to Select the Perfect Gold Mangalsutra Design for Your Special Day

The bride and groom get busy planning their special day as soon as the wedding season arrives. From pre-wedding shoots to choosing the perfect bridal lehenga and wedding jewelry, the couple put all the effort into making everything perfect. The bride chooses gold necklace sets that match her outfit and the groom selects the best gold pendant designs to gift his beautiful bride on her special day.

Still, the gold mangalsutra is the most valuable of all the jewelry designs. As a sign that he accepts the bride as his beloved lifelong wife, the groom ties it around her neck. The groom ties it in front of all the family members, while the priest chants wedding mantras. It is one of the most beautiful rituals in Hindu marriages, where the bride and groom become husband and wife by tying this sacred thread.

The bride may wear uniquely designed gold necklace sets on her wedding day, but the gold mangalsutra will always remain close to her heart. The mangalsutra is made of gold and black beads with a beautiful pendant. This sacred thread is worn by the Hindu ladies to protect their relationship from evil eyes. They tie it until their husband stays alive or with them. It symbolizes their eternal bond and relationship, which they cherish for life.

In this post, we have shared some useful tips that will help you choose the best mangalsutra that is both wearable and stylish.

1.  Determine The Ideal Length

The mangalsutra is a precious ornament that many women prefer to wear daily. Therefore, it is important to choose the length wisely. If you wear it daily, choose a shorter and more delicate style for your mangalsutra. Longer chains look beautiful with ethnic wear, whereas shorter chains look best with Western outfits. However, 16 inches is the standard length of any mangalsutra. Choose a simple gold pendant design that offers comfort and looks aesthetically appealing.

2.  Choose The Pendant Style

From uncut diamonds to solitaires, you can get numerous pendant design options for your mangalsutra. Choose the pendant style that matches your mangalsutra chain. Choose the design and size that match your personality. If you are planning to wear it daily, choose a smaller and simpler design that requires less maintenance and is less burdensome. For occasional wear, opt for eye-catching designs that will grab attention.

3.  Decide Between More Gold And More Diamonds

You can get customized designs with a gold chain and a diamond pendant according to your preferences. You can also choose a lightweight mangalsutra that sparkles with a combination of gold and a few more diamonds.

4.  Consider The Number Of Strings

According to the desired thickness, you can choose the number of strings with a perfect balance of black and gold beads in your mangalsutra. Choose the thickness by prioritizing sturdiness and that complements your neckline.

5.  Best Place To Buy Gold Mangalsutra

We recommend buying your mangal sutra from authentic and renowned jewelers, such as Waman Hari Pethe Sons, to obtain the hallmark jewelry.

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