Top 6 Delightful Treats To Send With Rakhi

In India, celebrations and delicious Ghasitaram’s sweet treats go hand in hand. Celebrations like Raksha Bandhan are one example. Across India, people celebrate this event with joy because it is believed to enhance the relationship between siblings. You and your brother have shared in this celebration for many years. Your brother can’t come home for Rakhi this year. You have a serious matter while away from home and can’t see him. Here are the best rakhi hampers for the upcoming Rakhi.

  • Rakhi with Kaju Katli

It is the most beloved traditional rakshabandhan sweet. The dry texture of this candy makes it ideal for doorstep delivery to your brother. You may find many types of Kaju Katli with silver rakhi for rakshabandhan combos on various websites; pick the one that suits your brother best and send it to him immediately.

  • Rakhi with Dry Fruits

Munching is a pastime for some individuals. And this year’s rakshabandhan sweet would be a bag of dried fruits if your brother shares your taste in this area. Include some wholesome dried fruits as your Rakhi gift to your brother. You may find these combinations online; pick the one with the dry fruits that your brother loves.

  • Rakhi with Gulab Jamun

Indian sweets like gulab jamuns are appropriate for every celebration, not only Raksha Bandhan. You may bring back a flood of happy memories from every stage of your life with this candy. Your sibling taking a bite of your Gulab Jamun is one of the most vivid memories. Send your brother a tin of Gulab Jamun as the best rakhi hampers this year so he may savor every last bite.

  • Rakhi with Soan Papdi

One of India’s most beloved desserts is Soan Papdi. In addition, excluding Soan Papdi from the festivities almost always results in a lack of celebratory spirit. This dessert has become the standard for each celebration because of its mildness. Give your brother the royal rakhi hampers with some Soan Papdi.

  • Rakhi with Rasgulla

Rasgulla (Roshogolla) is a traditional dish. Soak water-like white paneer in sugar syrup to produce rasgulla. To rephrase, Rasgullas are essentially Gulab Jamuns with a Bengali twist. Send your brother a silver rakhi for rakshabandhan with Rasgulla immediately if he enjoyed this Bengali dessert as much as you did.

  • Rakhi with Milk Cake

It is a sweet, milky dessert with varying shades of brown and white. Rakhi is the perfect time for milk cake. The ideal choice for a joyous occasion is any dry and non-sticky food. So, to celebrate, you only need a box of milk cake and a beautiful silver rakhi for rakshabandhan for your brother.


All these from Ghasitaram rakshabandhan sweet foods were around when we first realized what was happening. You can go right with these to spruce up your brother’s rakhi celebration. With or without the Rakhi you bring your brother, any of these candies would be a delightful surprise. 

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