how to break down mika micky bassinet

To break down a Mika Micky bassinet, follow these general steps. Keep in mind that specific instructions may vary slightly depending on the model and design of your particular Mika Micky bassinet:

  1. Clear the Bassinet:
    • Remove any bedding, toys, or accessories from the bassinet to prepare for disassembly.
  2. Unclip or Detach Components:
    • Check for any clips, locks, or fasteners that secure the bassinet to its frame or stand. Unclip or release these components to start the disassembly process.
  3. Lower the Bassinet:
    • If the bassinet has adjustable height settings, lower it to its lowest position. This is typically done by pressing buttons or releasing levers.
  4. Remove the Mattress or Pad:
    • Take out the mattress or pad from the bassinet if it’s removable. This will make it easier to disassemble the bassinet frame.
  5. Release the Locks or Latches:
    • Look for any latches, locks, or buttons that secure the bassinet frame to the stand or structure. Release them to separate the bassinet from the stand.
  6. Collapse the Bassinet Frame:
    • Depending on the design, collapse the bassinet frame by folding, sliding, or disassembling the various parts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific bassinet model.
  7. Fold or Disassemble Stand:
    • If the bassinet is attached to a stand, fold or disassemble the stand according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This might involve folding legs, releasing locking mechanisms, or unscrewing components.
  8. Check for Additional Attachments:
    • Ensure that all parts are disconnected, including any attachments that might secure the bassinet to the stand or frame.
  9. Package for Storage or Transport:
    • If disassembling for storage or transport, neatly organize the disassembled components, and store them in a safe and secure manner.

Always refer to the specific user manual or assembly instructions provided by Mika Micky for your bassinet model. If you no longer have the manual, you can often find it on the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer support for guidance on disassembly.

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